Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is StrataMax™?
StrataMax™ is the industry leading Community Management System that allows your manager to manage most aspects of administrating your building or plan in an efficient and secure manner. It consists of specialised features that enable them to service your needs to the highest standards based on best practice. Visit to learn more.

Q) Why does it say "No Report Available at this Time" when I try to download a report?
This usually indicates that while this type of report has been made available, there is currently insufficient data to generate the report. If this is a newly available report, we recommend that you try again the following day.

Q) What is Quick Pay?
Quick Pay is an easy way to pay your levies online without having to fully log into the website. It only requires you to enter your StrataPay™ reference number.

Q) What is The MaxSoft Group?
The MaxSoft Group, are leaders in providing services to the strata management industry. These include the following: StrataMax™ - the software solution for managing a strata management office, StrataCash™ - the strata banking solution, StrataPay™ - strata payment options, and StrataLoans™ – providing finance for strata communities

Q) What is StrataPay™?
StrataPay™ is an advanced payment solution provided by The MaxSoft Group, used by StrataMax™ to offer online payment capabilities. Visit to learn more.

Q) Are my details kept private?
The MaxSoft Group is firmly committed to protecting your privacy while interacting with our content, products and services via the StrataMax™ web site. Please view our Privacy Policy for full details.

Q) When I try to log on to approve invoices, I am getting a message that reads 'Your account is pending. Please activate account before attempting to reset password'?
When invoices are first uploaded for your approval, if you are a Non Owner Office Bearer Approver you will be sent an activation email that requires you to click on a link to activate your account before you can access the Invoice Hub Portal. If you are unable to locate the activation email, contact your Strata Manager.

Q) What is a StrataMax ID?
A StrataMax ID is an 8 character number that you can currently sign into the StrataMax Portal with. This is issued by your Body Corporate Manager in their Welcome Letter.

Q) How do I get my StrataMax ID?
If you did not receive a welcome letter, follow the below link to the "Forgotten StrataMax ID" page and enter the email address that your Body Corporate Manager would have on file. If this does not return a StrataMax ID, contact your Body Corporate Manager.
Forgotten StrataMax ID

Q) What is a StrataMax Portal Account?
A StrataMax Portal Account is the new method of logging into the Portal. You can now manage all of your properties from 1 account. StrataMax Portal Accounts are based off your email address, so you'll never have to remember your StrataMax ID again!

Q) How do I get a StrataMax Portal Account?
Using your StrataMax ID & Password, click the "Create" button on the login screen. When you sign in you will be prompted to enter an email address and security information. You will require a valid Email Address to finalize your account. Once completed, you can log in using the email address entered for your StrataMax Portal Account!

Q) I’ve used the StrataMax Portal before. Why do I now need to create a new account?
StrataMax™ is dedicated to ensuring the security around your Body Corporate's documents & information is the best in the industry. This change reflects many security improvements, and opens the door for improvements in the future.

Q) I co-own my property. Can my Co-Owner have their own account?
Yes Co-owners can now be granted an individual login. To start this process, log into your account and navigate to "My Properties" under the Manage Account button (next to the "Logout" button). Select the "Add Co-Owner" button for the property you wish to share access for and follow the prompts.

Q) Need help with the StrataMax Portal?
Click on this link to access the StrataMax Portal Manual. The StrataMax Portal Manual details how to setup & manage your StrataMax Portal Account.

Why can't I log in?

Q) Are you logging in with your 8 digit StrataMax ID?
If so, you need to follow the below link to the page and create a StrataMax Portal Account. Follow the prompts to activate your account.
Create User Account

Q) I can't remember my password?
Follow the below link & follow the steps to reset your password.
Reset My Password

Q) My StrataMax Passport isn’t working?
If you haven't upgraded your StrataMax Passport to a StrataMax Portal Account, follow the below link to the page and create a StrataMax Portal Account. Follow the prompts to activate your account.
Create User Account

Q) I can't remember my StrataMax ID
We can try and help you recover this information. Click the below link, and enter your email address. If this email address is held on record your StrataMax ID(s) will be emailed to you.
Forgotten StrataMax ID

Q) I can't remember the Password for my StrataMax ID
If you've forgotten the password for your StrataMax ID, click the below link and follow the instructions to reset your StrataMax ID Password.
Forgotten StrataMax ID Password